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Online games are widely becoming popular these days. There are different kinds of online games, which are introduced by different gaming manufacturers. NeverWinter is one of the most relevant games of this era, which is loved by the thrill loving gamers. On the other hand, it is extremely important for the gamers to stock themselves with the proper stock of NeverWinter Items.

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NWCheap makes NW Astral Diamonds purchasing a lot easier

NWCheap is a internet game exchange website which allows people to buy various products relating to their game. It also allows people to buy in game products like Power leveling and gold which could be used in the game.


Please remove the ability to kick or demote a neverwinter guild leader by other guild leaders

There needs to be a better method for demoting or replacing r7s the current system has created more than a few guild thefts by the usuall suspects in certain pvp guilds and gold sells that will sell of an entire stolen guild for cash.


Some Neverwinter Ideas for Epic Equipment

This armors can be empowered to Tier 2 with armor class crafting (Platesmithing, Leatherworking...) to get Faction armors (Item Level 135).


Easier ways to get your item level up is with upgrading artifacts to legendary or mythic

Full Elemental Burning set for sure, I've worn it since M6 dropped (it's getting a little smelly, but I'm looking forward to upgrading to Prestige soon).


Create a new currency NeverWinter Astral Diamonds

With the new currency allow us to use it to get rewards that can't be found in the end chests.


Remove drains and NeverWinter Ambush/Cowardice rings?

These rings are game breaking. The mechanics they offer are terrible, giving the defense of one class in the form of stealth to all classes is a horrible idea. Drains cause nothing but misery, they are the worst sort of implementation ever.


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    i love this web site i have spent about 70 dollers on this web site and right now im buying my first rare item a blue h'ween mask p.s who ever made this website is THE BOMB!!! May/25/2018 09:53:08
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    I bought 5 mill, lets see if this website works.... :S May/23/2018 19:51:39
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