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With the new currency allow us to use it to get rewards that can't be found in the end chests.

Create a new currency NeverWinter Astral Diamonds

This game engine tracks every movement you do, every damage point you take and every point you heal as well as how many you have killed (even which species/affiliation they are) and how many times you've died. There are also timed criteria used in the game. Everything needed to make dungeons more complex and rewarding for those who do side quests. 


I hate myself for suggesting it but create a new currency(NeverWinter Astral Diamonds)/token that you can only get from side quests in dungeons. Call them Explorer Rewards or Dungeon Exploration Tokens or something.

Put back in the blocked off areas and add new ones to the mini dungeons that didn't use to have them.


Add new NPC not mega or mini bosses but medium dungeon exploration bosses. That when killed drops these tokens so everyone who participated in that fight (killed, damaged, healed) would get one. If someone zergs the dungeon to the end, fine let them open the chest and only get what is in side.


With the new currency allow us to use it to get rewards that can't be found in the end chests.

It's even possible to make the end reward chests count how many tokens you collected and reward you different items depending on that as well how much time it took you to complete them all. 


But something that must be implemented with haste is that no dungeon or boss reward should never ever reward bound on pickup class specific rewards that is not the same class as the character that was rewarded it. That function is already in the game and why we keep getting these, impossible to use, item rewards still is madness. We can't equip them, we can't give it to an other of our toons that could use it. We can't sell it at the Auction House. We can only trash it for gold or discard them. Especially when it comes to items that makes absolutely no sense why they are class specific like head, armor, arms, feet, neck, rings, waist, shirt and trousers. Even some weapons shouldn't be locked to a class. Daggers could be used by both TR and HR as well as axes and dual swords. GF, GWF and OP should be able to choose if they want a mace, axe, regular sword or giant one. They should also get to choose if they want to use a shield or (k)not. CW and SW should also be able to mix it up more. Which lands us with the DC who really has way to much limitations. Most of the items make them look more like a GF, GWF or OP then a DC. Yes bulky armor probably can take a lot more beating then wearing a knitted sweater but really, with magic anything is possible. Just look how safe the half covered female version of many of these are. 


Someone, and I wouldn't mind if it was me need to take a whole new design grasp on how this game shall evolve in that area in the future. At the very least we should be able to transmute any item worn on the same body part in to an other no matter what class it has, as long it is also supposed to be worn on the feet as an example.


And please, let us disable the tabards/loincloths/mudflaps/call them what you want. Almost every singe outfit has them, seriously, we need some variation. We need robes, such as what clerics would actually use or wizard and witches as well. They can be two piece outfits but simpler not ballgowns or split in to 4 sheets of dangling cloth.


And don't get me started on the enchants that makes the entire toon change color or burst in to fire and what not. Fine if it was something that was during battle or when they were wearing their armor. But come on, when wearing they civilian outfits? What were you thinking when you made that decision that made you think it was a good idea?

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Moreover a new person to the game will need the bid neverwinter system

Except they won't get it cheaper because last second bidding 99.99% of the time involve the price being driven so high you aren't saving much over just flat out buyouting the item.

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