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A 30% buff is huge, its comparable to break the spirit. To stop running it would be gimping yourself.

Group Setup for NeverWinter Boss Fights

I thought I would share something that works well in the groups I run in, which boosts the team performance quite a bit. Some of you may be aware of it and others may not, but its a trick for an easy co-ordination of buffs so that the dps always hit for their maximum potential. Note this only works in premade groups, it will not work in random groups, it will not work with channels and it will not work with LFG. You will need to form groups with people you play with regularly to take advantage of this:

Role of the DPS:


If you have a GF, its fairly simple, wait until the GF casts ITF before unleashing your burst. You want to see ITF on your buff bar Ideally, every group wants a GF. You also want to stand close to both the GF and DC, to benefit from proximity based buffs. If there is an OP, staying close to them is important as well.


Role of the GF:


There are 2 ways to use ITF, to use it up front, or use it intelligently. In a co-ordinated group, you know the DPS is going to wait with their burst until AFTER you cast ITF, so to maximize damage, you want to cast ITF at the right moment. If you have a cleric in the party, you want to wait until the moment they use empowered break the spirit (will show up on your buff bar) before you use ITF. That should be the 2nd to last or last ability in their rotation, which means they have all of their buffs and debuffs up, which means the DPS will hit much harder than if you had just cast ITF.


Role of the DC:


Your job is to get out your entire rotation as fast as possible. Say you are using HG, AS, DG and empowered BTS, you want to cycle through those as fast as possible and end on eBTS. Ending on eBTS is an easy way for the tank to know its time to cast ITF.


Role of the MoF CW:


For the most part, you want to cycle through encounters until you see the DC start using divine powers, at which point you want to use Ray of Enfeeblement. Once the DC casts eBTS, you want to use a daily power to apply combustive action.


Role of the HR:


Longstrider shot when eBTS is used, that way, the burst from all classes is co-ordinated with the longstrider buff. 


Role of the OP:


Stand in the general proximity of the party, keep up bane.


Its a bit of a short party tactics guide I know, but it really helps to accentuate your parties burst potential. It gives each role a single thing to focus on as their cue to act, rather than complicating it by having everyone focus on multiple things.

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