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Overall, the cleric is better at buffing and healing, however you may feel the contro wizard comfortable to play with. Keep in mind that when taking renegade feats, your dps won't be that good compared with that of the middle tree that however doesn't buff the team.

In more traditional RPG games like Neverwinter

So I'm fairly new to neverwinter but I understand most aspects of the game and I wanted other people's opinion that know the game very well, on what class I should play and how I should play that class even though I know how I'll probably play the class. I'm usually playing as a BattleMage with some support abilities in RPGs


A build guide, or advice would appreciated as well. Below is just a more in-depth explanation of how I like to play to give you a better understanding.

So I'm usually a Battlemage/Support/Healer character in most RPGs. In the Mass Effect series I went Infiltrator which is my favorite class in that game but I was always best at Adept, loved the combos and detonations, liked being challenge to understand mechanics. But in more traditional RPG games like Neverwinter, in Dragon Age I usually played the dual wIeld BattleMage in the first one, Blood Mage in the second, and Rift Mage in Inquistion because I liked the CC, damage, and mana regen. The knight-enchanter which was a close combat magic sword and staff wielding character was my favorite but it felt OP. In Allods Online I usually went Shaman for DPS and heals. WoW I usually went Shaman in that as well, Fiesta Online I went Cleric because I loved the healing in that game, Skyrim I went BattleMage with healing spells. I usually as a Mage prefer to be inside the fight dealing damage, keeping myself alive, and wandering off if our archers or casters get attacked, if the game doesn't allow melee as a Mage then I usually went a Caster that was DPS/Heals or High DPS. But in general I usually try to be a BattleMage so I can more of Off-Tank and DPS support like character. So like a character that can Deal or effective damage mainly, but also can support the weaker teammates as well.

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Neverwinter needs more appealing fashion choises

The visual customization in Neverwinter as a whole is awefully limited. Especially given how awesome both CO and STO are with their character customization mechanics, I just can't grok how badly Cryptic missed the boat on character customization in Neverwinter


Remove drains and NeverWinter Ambush/Cowardice rings?

These rings are game breaking. The mechanics they offer are terrible, giving the defense of one class in the form of stealth to all classes is a horrible idea. Drains cause nothing but misery, they are the worst sort of implementation ever.


Lately for me NeverWinter feel like work

Point is, I stopped letting the "AD farming" get in the way of my having fun. If it's feeling like work, you should re-evaluate your priorities.


Moreover a new person to the game will need the bid neverwinter system

Except they won't get it cheaper because last second bidding 99.99% of the time involve the price being driven so high you aren't saving much over just flat out buyouting the item.


NeverWinter - Fresh 70 Now what?

Drowcraft is useful for Underdark campaign. Dusk is useful for SH stuff and is better all-around than Drowcraft though also more expensive.


Making the record clear been in a neverwinter guild for a long time like 9 months

I find the attitude to guilds in here odd to say the least, especially when every online game has clans or crews or similar, indeed some award achievements for being in one and progressing one, Cod Halo Gta and AC are just four that spring to mind

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