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Point is, I stopped letting the "AD farming" get in the way of my having fun. If it's feeling like work, you should re-evaluate your priorities.

Lately for me NeverWinter feel like work

I wish more stuff would reward AD, not just dungeons. Cause its cool to run elol and such when you have people for it (alliance should help a lot with that) but even that become old at some point. Considering its the only dungeon worth it in term of AD value vs time.


Baby dungeons are boring... beside the 5k you do them for, they only net you 5 enchants at the end or something like that cause of the seals and thats it. Still better than nothing you will say, but even there you get the seals in the chest at the end only once, not twice. And again the only one worth it in term of being short is spider... all the rest is too long compare to it. So you end up doing the same thing. Granted i did karundax when i was going for my 1000 dragons but well.. 

What would be cool is that dailies would reward AD like the maze engine one, at least it would motivate us to run them and such as we need to for the stronghold currencies anyway. 400 per quest seem perfect... HE in the SH should also give some for the first 5 like influence. As its something we must do every day... Let us earn that 36K per day without having to run elol/kessel in replay mode. 


Oh and as the OP, i don't pvp and would not do it even if it gave 10K a match lol


But i do feel what OP mean, lately for me NW feel like work. When festival was on i had to waste almost 2 hours there everyday until i realized it was a time waste. But still everyday when i hop on the game, have to run that influence, then do that maze engine daily caue i want that res stone, 400 AD and those conqueror shard after 5 (remember, i don't pvp and we need the shards) 


Then i usually do 1 weekly, then go in the well to get those items to make elol keys... then icewindale to get those item to make kessel keys and rinse and repeat... In the end it feel like a routine of work. 


I get i should really just farm baby dungeons and i would end up with more AD than wasting time to make the keys, but it feel more rewarding to have 2 chest when you finish a dungeon.

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