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I find the attitude to guilds in here odd to say the least, especially when every online game has clans or crews or similar, indeed some award achievements for being in one and progressing one, Cod Halo Gta and AC are just four that spring to mind

Making the record clear been in a neverwinter guild for a long time like 9 months

Obviously a guild isn't for everyone, some of us actually don't live in the game and like our independence when we play. I prefer to see myself more like my own sovereign country. I unite when it benefits me and go my own way when it doesn't. I don't care to drag around your ridiculous banner whatever it may be.


Also don't care to be dictated to by any self appointed group leaders on what needs to be done and how much I have to donate.

I understand most of you have a slave mentality and love to be ordered around and dictated to. I also understand we have a bunch of self appointed dictators that would love to tell you what to do as well.


I just think the developers need to realise that guilds are as antique as the telegraph!


We left that technology way behind time to update with the times!


Well your making an assumption. That clearly you know nothing about Arma. Making the record clear been in a guild for a long time like 9 months.


Your very introspective of others obviously you don't know me, so don't act like you do. I'm more concerned with that should talk to someone about it. 


Mainly my comment came from Draco writing about how he is a guild leader and bla bla. Quote "I don't think that you have met your correct guild match" maybe the person who started the topic doesn't want to be in a guild.


Quote "I would suggest you continue trying to reach a group that compatible with your style. " obviously he created the topic because he didn't want to find another guild he doesn't want to be in a guild for "insert whatever reason."


I say give the player another option quit trying to force him into a box that suits you or making suggestion that try to push him back to a guild. What I like to call telling someone what to do in a game. When they didn't ask for it.


"People need to interact, build relationships, compromise and nurture each other in a positive manner." Honestly it's a game we don't need to form a guild to interact with each other nor should it hinder a player. By denying them access to boons. 


You got one point in that last quote. He came here for constructive feedback. Some of you tried to push him back into the little box that you put yourself in! That tells me all I need to know. 


Having a guild leader that is a RL friend. I don't have to participate to get the guild benefits or donate.


I think his idea carries valid points. A personal house or something similar would be interesting for people who like solo play. It should work like a guild hall. 20 levels but require 1/4th of the resources required of a guild hall. 


It doesn't take away from anyone who is in a guild.

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