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Except they won't get it cheaper because last second bidding 99.99% of the time involve the price being driven so high you aren't saving much over just flat out buyouting the item.

Moreover a new person to the game will need the bid neverwinter system

And once upon a time i set my eyes on a fabulous Glorious Resurgence Epic Artifacts Pack.


We met when it was still 100k bid. And fate bound us together.. I decided not to mark it and I watched everyday grow until it matured to 200k.

Therefore I decided I wanted it to be mine, I would finally give my alts the attention they needed.

I wanted to be the last one to bid his hand on it, and so I decided to bid my money 250123 on it the last 4s.


To my surprise I saw that the option to bid close on the 10s-12s and the button could not be triggered, I felt bad, in my desperation to claim my beloved epic artifacts pack I gave it more than half my belonging and I shoot the bid at 400k . It was still unresponsive.


I watched the agonizing last moment of it expire and I saw the bid close at 200k. 


To my extreme disappointment I decided to learn how to bid.

Therefore I searched the AH for the items that expire soon. And I found them there, Wondrous Grommet; appearing in stacks in excessively cute price of 25 AD bid. That was the moment I decide there, I ll find out how to bid on them. Those stacks were more than a hundred I was trying to win bids on them for almost 1 hour. I ended up spending almost 50k on bids of 25 ad each.


There I acknowledged 2 things.

1. The Bid on Action House closes at 10s. Thought there were people who outbid my bids the last second.

Infuriating as this was I came up with a different possibility.


I tried to search the gateway for the expiring Wondrous Grommet but they were nowhere to be found.

Then I found a way to "see" them in the gateway. I marked them with my love bid, and later they appeared in the Bids section of the Action House.


And there I discovered one more important thing.

2.After you have marked the bid in the game and you have found it in the gateway Bids tab, you are able to bid even at the last 4s. That way I made about the 100 bids. I waited for almost the 4-5s and I hit the button. 


In the end I found myself winning 3 Wondrous Grommet stacks.



That means even in the last 4 sec someone had the way to outbid me most of the times. Was it luck was it the ping? 

Or was it the most terrifying thing that we've encountered?


Was it b-bb BOTS?

And by bots I don't mean to say that there were robots interested in buying the lovely Grommets from me (after all most probably it was them posting the stacks), rather than a player having a program to outbid other in the bids they had marked.


I would like you all to share your experiences on bids to this post and together to come to a conclusion on how to have a Fair chance to win a bid, since money isn't as important as the last second bid.


Smth like that, and no it's not to disable the bid. Some things can not be sold easily and bid helps getting them off yourself. Moreover a new person to the game will need the bid system in case they want to buy smth cheaper NOT everyone has developed their economy and can buy things out while laughing. 


Lastly the point is not to change the system or say it's bad but to find out the ways around it. I found myself the thing with the gateway. Does anyone else have to add smth helpful to new or old players? that's how a community should work not to point you to the direction buyout where the item in need was 800k NeverWinter Astral Diamonds more expensive, Imagine yourself being a player with 2 toons where would you get the missing 800k NeverWinter Astral Diamonds to buy this thing out? How much time would it take you to get all that money, Therefore solution like empty your wallet, or buyout is the way to are out of subject.

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