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I mean the Storm King himself which will rain Thunder on the lands of Forgotten Realms! To spare us the dilly dallyings of multiple posts from the Devs, this will be a thread which summarizes most of the info about this upcoming module.

Neverwinter Storm King's Thunder



This is a summary of Module 10: Storm King's Thunder! Most of these information are either from the dev's posts in Arc News itself or from the preview server. DISCLAIMATION: Any info from the preview server is SUBJECTED to change if Cryptic wishes so!


Introducing The Storm King's Thunder Module


Another module is upon us! This time we bring Thor - um wait nope - I mean the Storm King himself which will rain Thunder on the lands of Forgotten Realms! To spare us the dilly dallyings of multiple posts from the Devs, this will be a thread which summarizes most of the info about this upcoming module.


Date of Launch: 16th August


3 New Zones!


These new adventure zones requires the players to be at least Level 70 and the Devs have recommended for lower geared ones to bring a friend or two when exploring!


Zone 1: Bryn Shander


This is the hub of Ten-Towns which will serve as the starting point for adventurers in this campaign. A weather system has been implemented for Bryn Shander - sometimes it will be lightly snowing, while other times there will be a raging blizzard. Civilians will run inside their houses and new enemies will appear in certain places during the blizzard. Veterans find that lowering your ingame graphics help to see through the blizzard better. You can find various yetis, crag cats and arctic creatures here.

Zone 2: The Lonelywood


As the name implies - it is a small town surrounded by a lush woodland - and of course various monsters that might imply trolls and certain animated scarecrows. I do hope this won't bring any nightmares!

Zone 3: Cold Run


Cold Run on the other hand, is a harsh strip of coastline at the Northern end of Icewind Dale where the frost giants made their initial landfall in their quest to obtain the Ring of Winter. Beware of those giants as they are rumored to be more ouchy than those found in IWD!

New Dungeon: Fangbreaker Island


Fangbreaker Island, also known as FBI (Lol!) is a 5-man dungeon with a minimum requirement of whooping 3.1k TIL! It is rumored to be the hardest dungeon currently ingame and would need an average of 2-3hrs to complete it, depending on the team's prowess and gear. However, to unlock the dungeon, players must first progress far enough in the Storm King's Thunder campaign.

FBI is made up of 4 areas - (Click on the links for mini-maps of each area) “The Ascent”, “Harshwind Hold”, “Frozen Bay” and “Chilling Tunnels”, each having their own minimaps. It has 3 bosses - Dragon Turtle, Drufi and Manticore. There, you can obtain the new currency to purchase the new armor set along side other trinkets.

The Storm King's Thunder Campaign


The campaign is broken into three parts. Each part unlocks a new zone and focus on a different area of the region. Each zone contains a campaign task that unlocks options useful items in the campaign store and a repeatable task to help rebuild the town and help the people of the region. Helping the people of Lonelywood and Bryn Shander get back on their feet improves the campaign store and gives you access to new items.


After clearing the 3rd Zone, you will be able to unlock the much anticipated Fangbreaker Island! Naturally, with campaigns, you get more boons! There are 5 Tiers of Boons to be earned, details will be discussed in a later post.

Environmental Damage Mechanism: Ostorian Relics!


With the magical cold being generated by the Ring of Winter, players will need to find ancient components, called Ostorian Relics, to protect from the bitter freeze. These lost elements from the ancient giant civilization might just be the thing that keeps you alive to reclaim the Ring of Winter. They can be exchanged into Voninblod which is used to purchase various campaign items, Everfrost potions and most importantly, for the upkeep of your new armors!


New Login Screen


Finally, after 9 modules of staring at the same brown screen - we get a new login and character selection screen! It's looking waaay cooler than the previous one and is freezing to boot!

Storm King's Thunder Campaign Details


How To Start?


To start the campaign, speak to Stg. Knoxx and he will offer you a quest: Festival of Bryn Shander

The Campaign Currencies


There's a total of 4 Campaign Currencies - A Reputation type (much like the one in Icewind Dale Campaign), 2 types earned by completing dailies and weeklies and 1 type that is obtained from Heroic Encounters (similar to Faerzess)

The Campaign Store


As of now, only 5 items are shown in the campaign shop - more might be added later or on launch. Both Borax and Dragon Shell Oil are items required for Relic Restoration which is a task to obtain the new Armor sets. Archaeologist's Trowel can be used to increase chances of finding Ostorian Relics. Both types of potions provide Everfrost Resist to help reduce the environmental damage inflicted upon players but the Uncommon version also gives a slight increase in chances to find relics.

The Boons


There are 5 tiers of the boons - But most aren't very appealing or significant. The best out of them is "Chill Determination" which gives up to 2k recovery based on missing Guard/Stamina. This could synergies well with Cold Resolve (2k Power based on missing Guard/Stamina) from Icewind Dale Campaign.


Below are the listed boons:

Armor Sets


Disclaimation: All the Equipment Examples shown below are of Devoted Clerics as I do not have access nor the time to compile from every class. The Set Bonuses, however, should be the same for ALL classes.


All PvE Armors will require Item Empowerment similar to their Black Ice sisters from IWD. On a more positive note, the PvP Sets do NOT require constant upkeep though.

PvE Equipments (non-Tradebar)


There's 2 sets of non-Tradebar PvE Equipments - Both obtainable via Relic Restoration (based on the current preview info). I couldn't find out what Relic Restoration is as of now.

PvP Equipments (non-Tradebar)


There are also 2 sets non-Tradebar of PvP Equipments - Obtainable from Trades of Blades Epic Outfitter using Glory and Seals of Triumph.

Tradebars Equipments: PvE & PvP


There also 2 PvE and 2 PvP sets buyable through the Tradebar Store! No more nightmare PvEing or PvPing for either type of players! But only the Body and the Boots are buyable there, the Helm and Arms(Which I have not included) should be either from Zen Store or dropping from lockboxes. Both PvE and PvP Tradebar Sets have different Set Bonus than their non-Tradebar counterparts.

PvE Tradebar Set:

PvP Tradebar Set:

Shirts and Pants


A set of new SKT-based shirt and pants are also introduced.

New Artifact, Companion and Mounts


The new artifact - Manticore Talon, seems to drop from Heroic Encounters in Bryn Shander but I have not confirm it. However, no Artifact sets are seen (No new Artifact Neck/Belt), that might change at a later date. Whereas the companion Remorhaz can be bought from Zen Store and the mount, Manticore (Legendary and (Epic) comes from the upcoming lockbox and tradebar store respectively.


These are some other stuff I've spotted on preview server: Including new potion that heals for 25k HP, a useless ring, New Armor Kit, enchantment and food.

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