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There needs to be a better method for demoting or replacing r7s the current system has created more than a few guild thefts by the usuall suspects in certain pvp guilds and gold sells that will sell of an entire stolen guild for cash.

Please remove the ability to kick or demote a neverwinter guild leader by other guild leaders

I want to start off by saying that I invested A LOT of resources into this guild, from level 4 to level 12. Probably enough to completely max out a handful of characters or more. Otherwise I would not care so much.


Obviously this is my take on things, but I am trying to be as honest and impartial as I can be.

I have unintentionally upset a fellow guild leader. They have accused me of setting up everything the way that I want them to be set up in the guild and on the newly created guild website, and that he has had no say in how they were to be set up. I do not completely agree with this accusation, but I also cannot say that I have not had a significant hand in setting most things up for the guild. I can understand how he may feel left out because we went into this guild with the agreement that we were to be a 50/50 partnership.


I have expressed to him that I am willing to do whatever it takes to make up for this. He has continually expressed to me that it can not be undone no matter what, even though there is nothing he has expressed concern about that cannot be changed and re-changed over and over again, and there is nothing that he himself does not have direct access to change himself if he so desired. I have also never expressed any desire to hinder his efforts to modify or change whatever he wants to. When I tell him this he says that I don't understand and that it can not be undone. And he is correct, I do not understand. He has yet to complain about something that can not be changed at any time however he wants and whenever he wants. If things can only have been done differently in the past, then I am sorry but I can not time travel. But other than the memories of the past, there is nothing that has been set up that can not still be changed or even completely redone now. He says that I am not listening, but anyone who knows me knows that I am the kind of person who is willing to listen as long as it takes no matter what. I have absolutely no problem with trying to understand what someone else is trying to tell me.


I did not intentionally mean to upset anyone. Whenever I upset someone, I always try as hard as I can to make amends. My demotion from the position of guild leader without warning however, was an intentional and deliberate act of betrayal. Between guild leaders it is the ultimate betrayal. There are few things worse that a guild leader can do to another.


I have already left a guild in the past that I had heavily invested resources into because, one of the guild leaders demoted another guild leader over a dispute because, the guild leader who got demoted wanted to talk it out with them in a civilized manner and they refused to. I wasn't even a guild leader in the previous guild, but out of principle, I just could not stay in a guild with a leader that had such little respect. I have so far been able to shrug off any problems that I have had with the current (now only) guild leader, but I now can't see how I can in good conscience stay in a guild with a leader who would breach such a level of trust. As a guild leader I wouldn't even dare to joke about demoting another guild leader, because I felt that was something that shouldn't even be joked about.


Even if I could be made guild leader again, what would stop the current guild leader from doing it again in the future? And since he already demonstrated a lack of trust in me, how would he be willing to make me a guild leader again anyway without worrying that I would do the same to him? There needs to be a better method for demoting or replacing r7s the current system has created more than a few guild thefts by the usuall suspects in certain pvp guilds and NeverWinter Astral Diamonds sells that will sell of an entire stolen guild for cash. 


After a few days and many attempts at trying to plead with him to try to make things up, I finally mention that he isn't perfect either, and he immediately tells me not to make this about him... I mean,,, WTF? I have never yet even once mentioned to him about some equally bad flaws that he does have, and I intend to keep it that way. He obviously is not able or willing to take criticism, and even if he would listen to it (and more than likely he would not), I would rather not be on the receiving end of some pointless backlash because of any major criticisms that I could point out. This is just my opinion, but I feel as though he is either just unwilling to even try to work things out or, he is intentionally using this as an excuse to have total control. Either way, I feel like I have been left with no other choice but to cut my losses and move on.


I honestly believe that the developers should not allow guild leaders to demote or kick another guild leader. A lot of these kinds of troubles have happened in guilds because of childish disputes. Instead of forcing the guild leaders to try to get along, every one of them currently has the ability to kick or demote the others at a whim, even if it's only over a fit of anger or perhaps just a simple misunderstanding. And once it's done, that trust can never truly be gotten back.


I implore any developers of this game that may read this to please take this message to heart. Please remove the ability to kick or demote a guild leader by other guild leaders!

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